Yes We Do Custom Orders

Here at My Chronic Angels Inc. we take custom orders. The following is from a customer whom wanted surprise their mother with an ornament angel of each grandchild and have it tailored to each grandchild’s personality. And We NAILED IT.. she knew which ornament represented which grandchild without being told. Also these can be easily made into an Original My Chronic Angel.[divider]

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Customizing An Original My Chronic Angel

See, an Original My Chronic Angel, you would like to have, however you like it to represented a specific type of Chronic Disease/Illness with the awareness color or colors. Yes, we can customize your angel to your liking, one like this one was in the online shop and they really like it however wanted it to represent Kidney disease as well so we added green trim to it and they got the one they really liked and represented Kidney disease awareness.[divider] 
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Do My Chronic Angels Inc. Non-Profit Take Custom Orders For Any product It Sales?

Do My Chronic Angels Inc. Non-Profit take custom orders for any product it sales?

Yes, E-mail us with your request on what you are looking for whether it is an angel, cork board or wreath any product that is made here at My Chronic Angels Inc.. Please be specific on colors and style you are looking for. If it is for say a graduate or for someone who may just bought a home for examples. On wreaths give us a size such as 14″, 16″, 18″, 24″. If a letter is needed, give the letter you want on the wreath. Then one of our Artistic Design Specialist will send a reply and if needed will inquiry more detail information so your order can be made to your liking. Depending on the request prices may vary. A price will be sent for your approval and instructions on how to pay for your custom oder before work will be started and a date of completion. Remember special orders may take up to three weeks depending on materials available at time of request or materials need to be located to fulfill order. Reference heading of E-mail please put CUSTOM ORDER. Email us at: [email protected][divider][fbshare type=”button” width=”100″]